My first naked Personal Training fitness session.

While indulging in a little online research into potential indoor naturist activities to partake in during yet another grim British winter, I rather luckily found a fitness company who offer both naked group gym sessions, centring around circuit training at an established public gym and also, individual personal training at a smaller, private residential gym. I was immediately tempted by the individual personal training sessions as an introduction into naked fitness and also the opportunity to try another new naturist experience.

After sending over a quick email via their impressive website to enquire on potential availability, I swiftly received back some possible date and time slots and subsequently confirmed on a suitable appointment, utilising the wonder of modern technology, it was as simple as that. Even though the appointment was over a week away I was already excited about the prospect and a touch nervous too but, a scan through the FAQ’s on their website seemed to confirm that they appear to be an established and professional team who have specialised in naked fitness for a number of years, this soon puts my mind at rest.

On the day of my appointment the weather inevitably takes a turn for the British; rain, combined with a cold easterly wind and a temperature of a paltry 1 degree centigrade, great. I’m also travelling to the Personal Trainers West London based residential gym by bus and starting to wonder why the hell I’m actually doing this. I’m surrounded by people having inane mobile phone conversations while the rain streaks down the steamed up rectangular bus windows. Its early afternoon but the light is already fading too. Maybe naturist activities in a British winter just don’t work?

Once off the bus and after a brisk 5 minute walk down busy, bad tempered traffic-laden roads I nervously turn in to the desired street, a very nice, respectable and quiet one at that, and start to countdown the door numbers as I walk until I reach the correct one. I pause, take a deep breath, and approach the door. I’m ridiculously nervous now and probably shouldn’t be but, I am shortly about to take all my clothes off in front of someone I’ve never met before in their home. I like to think though that the pounding heart and slightly heavy legs from the anticipation of new experiences like this are actually good for you, they make you feel alive, a feeling that’s nigh on impossible to find in the mundane routine of everyday working life.

I compose myself; knock on the door and, the few seconds I wait before the door is opened feels like a lifetime. I’m greeted by the trainer who is smiling, happy, wearing only shorts and glowing with health as you’d expect. I’m invited in from the bleak conditions outside and start to feel actually quite relaxed. It’s warm and welcoming but, I’ve only just arrived and don’t really know what awaits. I’m invited to remove my coat, hat, gloves and shoes and am then directed to the dedicated gym room.

The gym is small but well equipped with what appears to be excellent quality equipment. There’s a high quality static bike, a sturdy looking weights bench, a professional resistance machine and a full range of weights. There’s a pleasing floor to ceiling complete mirrored wall, non-slip coated flooring and wall mounted flat-screen TV playing the obligatory gym friendly rhythmic music. The first order of business is to complete a health questionnaire which I duly do and sign. I hadn’t even thought about this due to my pre-experience nerves but like the whole feel of this already.

It’s time to completely undress now which I’m quite looking forward to. Fortunately the gym is warm but I’m still suffering from the cold journey and my own personal external temperature gauge is definitely indicating that my core body temperature is low, very low. Even a small amount of discreet warming to try and add a bit of life to the situation is not making any difference. The trainer is in great shape as you’d expect and, after he removes his shorts, is seemingly nowhere near as cold as I am.

We start with a warm up on the static bike, familiar territory for me being a regular cyclist although I’ve never ridden any kind of bike naked before. Sitting on the towel covered saddle, I settle into a good cadence while the trainer increases the resistance every few minutes to help lift my heart rate and breathing. I maintain my cadence and smooth pedalling technique throughout and feel quite pleased that we’ve started with something I’m fairly adept at, although I realise that anything after this is going to be new ground for me and I have no clothes on. I climb off the bike, much warmer and ready to continue with the session. The trainer decides to continue focusing on my legs so I’m given some dumbbells to perform squats with. Despite being shown the correct technique I’m squatting far too low, to the point where my genitals are almost touching the non-slip rubber flooring. To ensure I get it right we squat together, side by side, in front of the mirror. This really does help you to nail the correct technique and I’m encouraged to breath properly through each phase. I’m squatting in sets, alternating between which hand I’m holding the dumbbell with and the weight increasing with each set. I’m then invited to squat and lift the weight above my head, again in sets with the weight gradually increasing; I’m feeling good, enjoying the leg work and enjoying working out completely naked.

With squats finished I take a quick drink of water while the trainer inputs everything we’ve done so far in to the laptop. I’m impressed with the professionalism of logging everything for future reference to help build a fitness program.

We then move on to the, much heard about but not fully understood ‘core’. The trainer shows me a couple of standing exercises with the dumbbell. I’m invited to place my hand on his core muscle groups during this demonstration to feel what’s being worked and going on with the body. I wasn’t expecting the session to be this tactile but it makes a big difference in understanding the exercise and physiology which you’d never get in a clothed session. It’s my turn now and I work through the exercises facing the mirror, concentrating on correct technique and breathing once again. The weights increase through each set and I’m sure I’m starting to detect a theme here.

We’re now onto a range of standing shoulder exercises with dumbbells and then the weights bar, once again I’m shown the correct technique then it’s over to me. It’s actually the first time I’ve consciously taken in the mirrored view as the squats and core work had quite a lot of dynamic movement. As I stand with feet planted and I work away with the weights directly in front of the mirror, I get a pleasing, satisfied feeling. Although I’m hot and sweaty and lean rather than muscle bound I like what I’m seeing, it could just be the endorphins but there’s definitely something about working out naked. It’s exciting in a physical sense but not in a way which crosses any lines. Plus I’m not alone so there’s always an alternative, better view other than my own.

After some more water and logging of session data it’s time to work on my chest, back and shoulders on the resistance machine. I’ve never used one before and after the towel is placed on the padded seat, I set about the rowing technique exercises I’ve been shown. With feet firmly planted, I take the opportunity to check my rear view in the mirror and quickly realise I still have quite an impressive thong tan line above my buttocks from my last holiday. I briefly feel conscious about this until I look forward again and down. Straddling a resistance machine naked certainty places everything on the table as it were.

It’s now time for some chest specific work on the bench with dumbbells then the weights bar. I’m lying on my back for this and have no mirrored view, just the ceiling initially. However, the new experiences just keep on coming when the trainer stands directly above me, his legs either side of the bench and facing me. It soon becomes apparent why though as I continue to learn new things about weight training, it’s absolutely crucial to have someone there to assist should the weight become too great, spotting I believe it’s known as. And I take full advantage when I start to tire and the bar is wavering over my face and throat.

Finally, a gym mat is rolled out onto the floor and I’m on my back, side by side with the trainer, performing different types of crunches. It’s nice to be shown the correct technique once again, very different to the old style of ‘sit-ups’ from back in the day which felt like they were doing more harm than good. Lastly, while still on the floor, some stretches to recover. It’s nice to have some assistance with a hamstring stretch which I’ve never had before and also good to loosen up the neck and shoulders after such an intense workout.

The session is over and the workout segment has lasted a full 90 minutes with only short breaks for water between each focused group of exercises. The weights increased throughout but definitely stopped at the correct point for my current abilities. I’m quite hot and a little sweaty so the opportunity to take a relaxing and refreshing shower before I head home is most welcome.

One of the obvious benefits of naked training I hadn’t initially thought of is that you don’t have to invest in the latest, on-trend, costly gym outfit. I’ve never been a dedicated follower of fashion anyway and always enjoy an opportunity to not have to conform to buying and wearing a particular brand, colour or style. It’s one of the reasons I love naturism I guess. There’s also no need to take a bag crammed with unnecessary gear with you either when water, towels and shower facilities are all readily available. Naturism does have the ability to simplify life sometimes too.

I understand the reasoning for naked training, there’s much more to it than just being naked as a novelty, you can really see the entire body and its associated muscle groups working fully while you train, not hidden by clothing where it is difficult to check if a particular exercise or technique is not being carried out correctly, possibly leading to injury. It’s also very satisfying as you feel you are actually seeing the progression as it happens. The full length mirrors are essential in aiding this and add a bit of fun and additional scenery to proceedings too. But it does all make sense; it’s a great way to work out.