Leather thong.

Ok, I have a small confession to make, I love leather. Not in an all consuming fetish type of way, we’ll err…..anyway. I think certain contemporary leather clothing looks great. A curvy plus-size girl in a leather skirt is an amazing look. The appearance, texture and smell, clinging to gentle curves and bulges and stretching ever so slightly is something quite special. I think it strikes the ideal balance of looking classy and sexy at the same time. The material, without a shadow of a doubt, has a hell of a lot to do with this. At the other end of the scale is the mid-life crisis, middle-age man’s fondness for leather jackets. The only man to ever successfully and effortlessly pull off the leather jacket look was James Dean. It may seem a little contradictory, me being critical of middle-age men in leather jackets when I, a middle aged male naturist and thong lover, pines for a leather thong although, I’m not trying to make a statement as I walk down the road or arrive at the office or a restaurant. In reality, you’d probably only ever wear a leather thong in the bedroom and hopefully, for not too long (and also write about in a blog of course).

I’ve made no secret of my love of thongs, both swim and underwear, but, I’ve wanted some decent leather underwear for as long as I can remember, going back years in fact. I feel the time is right, long overdue in fact, to invest in a decent, hand-made leather thong. I absolutely do not want any kind of fake leather, it has to be the real deal and, I know it’s going to cost a pretty penny but it will be worth it I’m sure. The first time I ever saw a picture of a man in a leather thong was actually in a copy of Him magazine, it was a leather special edition as I recall, roughly around the late 1980’s. It may have been some time ago now but I remember it well, it was undoubtedly a moment, maybe the moment, which started my interest in leather underwear. Although photographic and printing technology has certainly moved on since then, I can still picture the unique appearance the leather gave as it contained an impressive package and framed the trim waist and firm buttocks. Adult magazines with women from around that era never really featured, what I guess is now considered, fetish clothing. If they did, I certainly couldn’t find them, and not for want of trying either. To date, I’ve never seen a man in the flesh in a leather thong. Probably because I don’t frequent the sort of establishment where you may experience this.

I’ve bought so called ‘leather’ thongs before, usually from adult pleasure type catalogues or more recently websites but, they just don’t cut it I’m afraid. They’re cheap and nasty but it’s true what they say, you get what you pay for so I’m partly to blame. They’ll come in one size only which should always set alarm bells ringing and have a fake synthetic leather pouch which may or may not contain everything. This is usually combined with an uncomfortable elastic waistband and elastic strap which runs from the bottom of the pouch and up between the buttocks to meet the waistband, not nice. I had one like this once which had such a long elastic buttock parting strap that the waistband ended up in the middle of my back, it looked and felt terrible.

Good quality leather should feel soft to the touch and give just a little to provide a close comfortable fit to enhance what its containing. The all important smell is absolutely crucial too and part of the whole experience. Also, I think the colour is an important element, it definitely has to be black leather, coloured leather can work on a skirt or trousers (tan possibly?) but, yellows and reds? I don’t think it works personally. Leave the more garish colours to other materials, keep leather pure and natural. It should, in theory, fit like a glove to the point that you almost can’t feel that you’re wearing it and, ultimately, it should make you feel good. You want to feel a sense of excitement, a sense of occasion otherwise, what’s the point?

After some relatively quick online searching I have found a company based in the UK who make handmade leather clothing and underwear. Most of it seems to be aimed at the fetish and BDSM scene and looks to be well made with excellent reviews. I suppose an interest in leather thongs is actually a fetish anyway so I’m more than happy to be part of the club. They make only a limited number of (average) sizes which for me is a good sign, quality over quantity. I do feel for anyone who is larger (or smaller) than average with an interest in this though. I assume there are bespoke options out there to allow anyone to enjoy this particular club. I do hope so.

I’ve placed my order, to some excitement I have to say but, there is a fairly long lead-time. This has to be expected though and Is quite welcome as their items are handmade on demand. Once it finally arrives, and I really can’t wait, I’m planning to provide an update here along with possibly even a picture or two if I’m feeling brave enough so, brace yourselves! The moment is weeks, possibly even months away but, there is already anticipation, I can already envisage opening the package and getting my first smell and feel of the high quality supple leather. And, as for the first time I gently slide into them and look in the full length mirror from all angles, that thought is getting me through many a stressful or dull day at work. If I’m suitably impressed with the thong I may then purchase a pair of leather briefs too from the same company. I know I’m sort of going a bit off topic as this blog is really about my journey from thongs through to naturism but, if this leather thong proves to be as pleasing as I expect it to be and, the briefs follow suit then, this may expand to a little gentle leather underwear appreciation too. I hope you don’t mind and I’ll keep you posted.