Where it all started.

My first recollection of consciously deciding to be naked outside to experience naturism was actually longer ago than I’d realised. I put this mainly down to the rather depressing realisation that time seems to pass at a distressingly alarming rate, even more so the older you get it would seem. It wasn’t a hugely adventurous experience either; it really was just a case of walking through a door but, sometimes that’s all it takes to discover a new pleasure or, to learn something about ourselves.

I used to live in a small modern house on one of those claustrophobic estates which, by some miracle, was not overlooked if I stayed towards the back of the house and didn’t stray too far towards the back of the postage stamp west facing rear garden. Some careful planting and pruning also helped to give me a small secluded area away from windows, low fences and prying eyes. Stowed in the storage shed I’d had, for some time, a very comfortable padded folding sun-lounger which hardly ever got any use for one reason or another. I guess partially clothed sunbathing just never really appealed to me even then.

I can’t recall the exact day or date or even the reason why I decided to try some naked sunbathing but, it must have triggered something inside me as it’s now a huge part of my life which I enjoy so much. I’m pretty certain it was a weekday early afternoon during a few lazy but precious annual leave days away from the office. My neighbours would have all been at work so wouldn’t have been in either, making it even more quiet and peaceful.

It would without doubt have been June as this is when I always try and give myself some much needed mid-year me-time. It was definitely warm and sunny, early 20’s in centigrade and only the odd high fluffy cloud which is not always the case in the UK in June it has to be said. It was actually quite a spontaneous decision as I recall which surprises me a little now when I think back but, there must have been something, a feeling, an emotion, which made me want to try it.

I remember getting the sun-lounger out of the small, hot shed and opening it up in the secluded paved area close to the back of the house. I then spent a few moments getting it into the optimum position, facing towards the sun and out of sight of any nosey neighbours that just might happen to be quietly milling about. I put it into a comfortable reclined angle and then went inside to mix a cool non-alcoholic drink. Back outside, I placed the drink on the floor next to the sun-lounger and mentally prepared myself for my very first naked sunbathe.

I wasn’t wearing much anyway due to the weather so completely undressing didn’t take long. Basically, it was just a case of unfastening then pulling my shorts down to my ankles followed by a quick shuffle of the feet to be totally free of clothing. It was that quick and easy, I usually go commando if I am clothed at home, especially in the summer unless I’m knocking about in thong of course. It felt good immediately, I’d been naked for a handful of seconds and hadn’t even sat down but, I was just a little nervous too.

I had no reason to be of course, just being naked outside felt mildly liberating, natural and relaxing almost immediately. I lowered myself into the sun-lounger and gently wriggled myself into a comfortable position with the hope that I would start to enjoy it. As the first few minutes ticked by the more relaxed I became. Every small noise did put me on edge ever so slightly although I had no reason to worry. I was in my own garden, in a totally secluded spot, minding my own business. Sometimes I wish others would mind their own business as much as I do.

As I lay there I started to appreciate the peacefulness, there wasn’t much noise due to the working week commitments I didn’t have, just gentle birdsong and the occasional ruffling of tree branches in the light, warm breeze. The sun was pleasantly warm, not too hot, it felt perfect on my skin and the novelty of actually, finally, exposing my genitals, along with rest of my body, to the fresh air and sunshine was an absolute joy. I just lay there with my eyes closed savouring this new amazing experience. I chose just to listen to natural sounds too rather than music and realised just how comfortable my sun-lounger actually was. I’m certain that not being restricted by clothing, digging in and riding up, increased my level of comfort. I didn’t actually sunbathe for a particularly long time, about an hour or so from memory but it was a memorable and significant hour of my life, almost life changing if a little overstated, certainly life affirming.

I enjoyed this new experience immensely but for some reason I wasn’t entirely comfortable and couldn’t really understand why? It was a totally new experience to me so maybe that was it. I was also a fair bit younger then too so maybe I just didn’t have the confidence then that I have now. Why would you need confidence to be naked, outside and alone and completely out of view of anybody? Looking back now it was more likely to be linked to self-esteem, a lack of it probably.

Things are very different now; I’ll take any opportunity to be naked, especially outside, and have even discovered that I can be a bit of an exhibitionist if and when the mood takes me. This surprises me as my natural personality is quite introverted. Is this all part of the ‘everybody’s equal’ feel to being naked and naturism? Or, am I bit of a secret show off, the quiet bloke in the office who apparently doesn’t get up to much. It’s true what they say though; you have to watch out for the quiet ones.

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